OfficeManagerSkills HOME MICROSOFT OFFICE TRAINING ABOUT US CONTACT US COMPUTER TRAINING Microsoft Word Microsoft Word is powerful with many features you’ve probably never used, get the most out of Word with the best online Microsoft Word Training resources. Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is a must in any office, but there’s more to it than just plain old worksheets. Formatting worksheets, formulas and programming will make you a power user. People Every office has politics, people management is more than just being bossy. If you have a good, well defined relationship with fellow office workers, you’ll manage more effectively. Time Management Time is an Office Managers most precious resource, there’s never enough of it. Time management can make your day less stressful and more productive. Technology Being a technician is not in your job description, but knowing how technology works will help you do your job better, and keep your office running smoothly. Office Manager Skills is a collection of online training resources for Office Managers. Information is provided by many sources and they’re all FREE. Feel free to browse thorough each topic, and if you think we need to add or update any area, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Happy learning.